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PSA Autograph Authentication at our Scottsdale Office October 9th

PSA Autograph Authentication at our Scottsdale Office October 9th



PSA Autograph Authentication Public Day

Saturday, October 9th from 10 am to 4 pm

Here is your chance to have your Autographs authenticated without having to mail them off and wait. Save the postage both ways and get them back the SAME DAY! 

PSA can Authenticate Autographs from Sports, History, Music, Space, Politics, Entertainment, and more. If you're not sure, call/text/email. Autograph Grading is also available for an additional fee.

PLEASE NOTE: This event is for autograph authentication ONLY. If you want cards graded or to have your items encapsulated you will need to mail them to PSA.

Here's how our Event works:

1. Fill out the PSA/DNA Paperwork (These forms can be found on PSAcard.com) We will also have PSA/DNA forms available at the event!

2. Pay the PSA/DNA Authentication Fees.

3. We will take your items in and have PSA Authenticate them.

4. We will Call or Text you when your items are completed and ready for pickup before 5:00 pm the SAME DAY you drop them off!

The prices are the same that PSA/DNA charges when you mail them in. Save the shipping fees and get your items back the SAME DAY.

Click Here for PSA/DNA Fees

We will allow drop-offs from October 4th - 8th at our Scottsdale Office by Appointment ONLY. This will help you avoid the crowds Saturday, October 9th, and allow us to get your items expedited for authentication with PSA!

The event will be held at our office (NOT A CARD STORE)

Scottsdale Baseball Cards

16055 N. Dial Blvd Unit 4

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

480-419-2990 (Cell, call/text)